Vendor Love Letters


La Lomita Ranch

"It is always a pleasure to work with Amanda & her team. They are friendly, thorough, and extremely organized. I always know that any wedding they work on is going to run smoothly and successfully."

higuera Ranch

"Amanda is a blessing throughout your special celebration! Her attention to detail and professionalism is wonderful. When communicating with guests, Amanda is both charming and informative. The Amanda Holder Team always serves with a smile and brings peace to the process! So thankful for their leadership. The perfect choice to help you enjoy your dream day! Amanda, thank you for bringing dreams to life at the ranch!"

villa loriana

“Simply the best! As a venue owner, I recommend Amanda Holder Events to all of our couples! Whenever Amanda's team is on it, I know it will be a smooth event and if hiccups do come up, she and her team always find a logical solution without getting frazzled. She is wonderful at communication, an incredible event designer, hires very competent people, and really cares about each and every one of her clients. If you're considering hiring Amanda Holder Events for your wedding, look no further!”

allegretto vineyard resort

"If there was an 8th star, I would have chosen it for Amanda Holder Events! Amanda is incredibly talented, warm-hearted, professional and always smiling! As the Event & Catering Manager for Allegretto Vineyard Resort, I’ve had the privilege of seeing her plan & coordinate several weddings. She’s truly is the best I’ve worked with and knows our property inside and out! Her attention to detail, forward thinking and calm demeanor make her an asset to any couple."

flying caballos ranch

As a Venue Manager, I had the pleasure of working with Amanda for a wedding at the Flying Caballos Ranch. From our initial walk-thru of the property with the bride, to the execution on the wedding today, Amanda has been professional, organized, detail-oriented, friendly, assertive, and just a complete pleasure to work with. Having also worked as an Event Coordinator, I know what separates the great from the not so great… and Amanda is GREAT! Very much looking forward to having her back out to the ranch for future weddings!"

slo brew rock

"Amazing Event Partner - True professionalism and grace! Wonderful partner to plan with."


all about events

"Amanda is simply amazing! Amanda is always so professional and her visions are like non other. All About Events works with her team on a regular basis and it is always seamless and the clients have nothing but amazing feedback."

bbj la tavola

“Thank you so much for the continued partnership. The team at Amanda Holder Events is exceptional! Thank you for your positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond. Incredible experience time & time again.”

avenue twelve

“Another great wedding with Amanda Holder Events! Amanda, it is always such a pleasure to work with you & your team! We can't wait for our next wedding together!”


"Amanda has always been a dream to work with. She has all the details dialed in and also allows and understands the flexibility needed on the day or week of. Working with Amanda is always a treat. Looking forward so working with her for years to come."


“Amanda Holder Events is always such a pleasure to work with! Amanda & every member of her team are extremely organized and communicative throughout the entire wedding planning process. As a fellow vendor, any time I work with AHE, I know the process will be smooth, professional, and effortless. As one of the best in the biz, AHE goes above & beyond. Amanda also coordinated my sister's wedding in 2019 and Amanda slayed it. 10/10 recommended on both the vendor and consumer sides! You will not be disappointed if you hire AHE for your planning and coordinating needs.”

draping by kim

Professional & Experienced! We love working with Amanda, the Sarahs and Shea! They are so well versed in this industry and excellent with communication on every level. This team is both highly organized and wonderfully calm. We're confident that every time we work with them for a wedding or event, things will run smoothly. Highly recommend! :)”

butlerz event rentals

"Amanda is an expert planner that has been flawless in detail for all the times we have worked with her. It’s amazing how she can easily understand her bride & groom’s wedding vision and ensure that every detail is exactly as it should be from start to finish. She is in the top 1% of wedding professionals available here on the Central Coast & I will recommend her every time."

chic event rentals

“It was nice working with Amanda & her team - very helpful and kept great communication between us and client.”

lively game co.

“Just wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU! It was a beautiful wedding and a pleasure to work with your team!”


epic entertainment inc.

Amanda is the BEST! Amanda & team are simply the best! Having worked with them countless times on projects ranging from weddings, corporate and private events I can tell you that they make the job of all other event vendors easier. Communication is constant and like clockwork. I always know exactly when to expect timelines and updates from Amanda. I wish I could clone her & take to all of my events!"

central coast premier entertainment

"Amanda is a great wedding coordinator that puts together amazing weddings! Her creative and outgoing personality puts brides at ease. As a DJ, working with Amanda makes our job really easy & fun! She lets us do our thing while she is there on-hand at a moment’s notice. We always enjoy working with Amanda and look forward to many more events!"

dj bob stock

"I am a huge fan of Amanda; she’s a professional. What that means to you is that she knows how to handle your event and will make it stress-free. I always push for team building when it comes to your vendors,; this is a person you want to head up that team and…she’s cool. Book her!"

come alive entertainment

“We love the Amanda Holder Events team! Always calm & collected and on top of everything - we absolutely enjoy working with them! We highly recommend them to everyone!”

kramer events

She's awesome! Amanda & her team is awesome. She's detailed and very proactive ahead of time so there's less challenges during the event. She's extremely collaborative & allows her fellow vendors to do their craft without micromanaging while ensuring the overall outcome is reached. LOVE working with her!”


“Sarah & the Amanda Holder Events team were an absolute pleasure to work with for a recent wedding. Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor on this day, but Sarah and the team communicated to all vendors & parties about proposed courses of action no matter the weather. At the end of the wedding, the couple, the guests, and the vendors were happy!”

lucky devils band

"Amanda is both fun and professional! The complete package - thank you for your help with this wonderful day!"


tami bernard makeup

“Absolutely Fantastic!!! If you are looking for an amazing event planner - Amanda Holder Events is fantastic! She is just a doll and also has an incredible team that goes above and beyond to make everything perfect! As a vendor myself, I love to work with organized, responsible and dedicated planners that help make my day or my team’s day go a little smoother. And to Shea: thank you so much for another great wedding working together!"


yvonne goll photography

"The best... Look no further. Amanda & her team are the best of the best! You cannot go wrong with hiring her. She is so on top of her game and will always pick up a call or be there if you have any questions. Working with Amanda & her team is always flawless. We have probably worked over 30 weddings together at this point and everyone of them goes off with out a hitch. She makes it happen and if anything goes wrong her clients would never know because she handles it so well and it turns into a blip on the radar instead of it turning into a huge deal. SHE IS JUST THE BEST! I couldn't recommend her more. Nothing can hold her down & she is always ready for what ever is thrown her way! HIRE HER! It will be the best decision of your entire wedding planning experience!"

cassia karin photography

“I am a 10+ year wedding photographer, so I've seen a lot of wedding coordinators, but Amanda Holder and her team still blow me away every time I work with them. They are SO sweet, SO flexible, and SO in control of everything happening. I have never seen them rustled, flustered, or panicked. Their precision and planning make the day feel smooth, easy, and uninhibited by the worries & difficulties that weddings can sometimes bring. Not with Amanda. She gives us (photographers) the room to capture and create phenomenal moments with our couples, and makes them feel secure, happy, and SO well taken care of. We love Amanda Holder Events, and know that you absolutely will too.”


“Amanda and her team are second to none. We have worked with her team over the years on over a dozen events and we can honestly say she is one of the best wedding vendors we have ever worked with. Her designs and execution and are incredible and her approach and style are the icing on the cake. She goes above and beyond and we are always grateful anytime we get to work with the Amanda Holder Events team.”


"I’ve experienced events planned by Amanda for years and I continue to be impressed by her amazing attitude & wonderfully calm presence. Each event planned by Amanda Holder events is seamless. Amanda (and her efforts) are always received by all the guests! Additionally, Amanda helped me to plan a promotional event for my business - using her contacts & her resources, she cultivated a party so excellent that I was as impressed as my guests! She was able to stay under budget as well!"


"Exceptionally Professional, Exceptionally High-Quality, and Exceptionally Comprehensive!!! Working with Amanda and her team was an absolute pleasure! The design and execution were impeccable, and the entire day unfolded seamlessly. Everything was absolutely amazing! Throughout the planning process, Amanda and her team left no stone unturned, providing us as photographers and videographers with all the necessary details. This allowed us to capture every moment flawlessly, ensuring our client received an outstanding experience. We can't wait to collaborate with Amanda and her team again, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services time and time again!"

alicia sessler photography

Professional, friendly, and simply the best! The team at Amanda Holder Events was so great to work with! They were friendly and helpful whenever I had questions or concerns regarding photography and timing. Even through all of the changes due to rain and weather, they handled everything with grace and professionalism and I really hope to work with them again in the future. Simply the best!"

rachel kazmier photography

“Professional and fun!!! I worked with the Amanda Holder Events team this month and they executed the wedding FLAWLESSLY. They are organized, kind, responsive, quick-thinking, and fun... basically everything a planner should be and more!!! I hope to collaborate with them again in the future!”



"Always a pleasure working with Amanda & her team. My job as a videographer is so much easier when I'm working with her. She communicated with me from the beginning to the end and made sure I was aware of every detail of the day to make sure I would do the best job I could. Amanda is amazing and I have been fortunate & extremely grateful to have had so many opportunities to work with her. I cannot recommend her enough and hope to work with her again soon."


"What can I say other than how much I truly enjoy working with Amanda; every time. She truly exudes positivity & professionalism that far surpasses expectations. She’s so unbelievably kind and truly a joy to work with and I’m grateful every time we get the opportunity to work alongside her. She has one of those wonderfully infectious personalities that makes you want to be a better at what you do because she’s already going above and beyond for her clients & vendors. I love working with her and we’re all excited to work with her again."


"Communication is invaluable! I think the first thing I noticed was a commitment to strong communication, Amanda & her team are constantly in contact with each other, their clients, the vendors of those clients, and everyone involved in making a wedding what it is. That level of clarity for everyone to operate under is just priceless!"


marriage with meaning

“I’m honored to give an enthusiastic & heartfelt recommendation for Amanda Holder, an extraordinary wedding event planner whom I have known and worked with for over a decade. Amanda's impeccable taste, skill and calm manner make her an exceptional professional in her field. Amanda has a remarkable ability to transform any venue into a breathtaking space that reflects the couple's unique vision and her taste & attention to detail are unparalleled. With her extensive knowledge of the wedding industry and meticulous planning, she flawlessly coordinates every aspect of the event, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience. Additionally, Amanda's natural leadership & composed demeanor inspires her team to deliver their best. I love officiating weddings for Amanda Holder's clients and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a memorable and flawlessly executed wedding event!”

a vow ceremonies

“I worked with Sarah A. at Higuera Ranch this weekend. Love her personality & professionalism. She makes the Bride & Groom feel so relaxed and well taken care of. Jacob & Tuva had an amazing wedding day in large part because of Sarah. She did you proud, Amanda!"

olive tree officiating

“As a long term Wedding Officiant I have found that Amanda’s services as a Wedding Coordinator are second to none. Issues were well anticipated resulting in a smooth and harmonized event. Her experience has and will, serve her clients well.”


slo safe ride

" We love working with her! Amanda is an amazing full-service wedding planner in SLO County! We work hand-in-hand with her to provide wedding shuttles for her clients. She is tentative to her client's wants and needs and knows exactly where to go to make their dreams a reality -- her coordination skills make your wedding day fun and stress-free for everyone!"

elegant image limousine

“We have worked with Amanda Holder Events as a transportation provider for many years. The whole team has been amazing to work with and very professional; 5 stars all the way.”

jump on the school bus

“We have worked with Amanda Holder Events many times with us being in the transportation industry! Amanda & her team are fabulous to work with. Their communication & hard work really shows and makes for a seamless event. We always enjoy working with such a great team!!!”


flowers by kim

"Best in the Business! Amanda and her team are rockstars!!! Amanda and her girls are always ready to lend a helping hand and their care for each individual event doesn't go unnoticed. We look so forward to working side by side to help make dreams come true! As a local event florist, I love working with Amanda and her team! They are prompt, professional, and have an amazing eye for detail. Amanda has such a knack for making a bride feel at ease and ensuring the entire event runs smoothly from beginning to end. We can't wait for the next one!!!”

elegant details flowers

"Amanda is the best of the best! Amanda Holder and her A-team of fun and positive ladies will remove all the worry and doubt out of your wedding day. Delivering seamless timelines, with a flawless design, resulting in amazingly organized, happily orchestrated, and polished perfect events. No matter the situation, Amanda offers effortless, calm, clear solutions with a cool and professional manner. This is why I enjoy working alongside her exceptional team. An expert planner of the most triumphant and successful wedding celebrations!"

flowers by denise

“It is always a delight to work alongside Amanda and her amazing team! They are so helpful and easy to work with at events and always provide a professional atmosphere to work within from start to finish in the wedding planning process!”

lori boe floral

I am a florist that has worked with Amanda & her team many times, and each time I appreciate how professional, helpful, organized and experienced they are. I strongly recommend their services."


field to table events

"Amanda is ALWAYS a joy to work with! She’s incredibly thoughtful & detailed in every aspect of her events. Most importantly Amanda creates an atmosphere of ease, calmness, and efficiency, which allows for all other vendors and clients to experience the process and day of at its best. Always a pleasure from start to finish!"

chef's table catering

Amanda is awesome! She is a true professional - she communicates with clarity, excels with organization and attention to details, and she is genuinely kind! We highly recommend Amanda & her team for any event, whether wedding or corporate!"

trumpet vine catering

"Amanda is a true gem in our industry. From her professional polished approach to event management, to her warm, supportive and fun energy, we are always excited to work with Amanda & her team. We know when we refer a client to Amanda Holder, they are in great hands!"

old slo bbq

“We worked with Amanda this past weekend, and our experience with her & her team was excellent. She brought a full team of very prepared staff who knew the details and the timeline of the event very well. The team communicated with us throughout the event to ensure that we were on the same page and were willing to help with anything we needed that would make the day run smoothly."

haute skillet

"Professional, Detail Oriented, and Responsive. Amanda & her crew are a dream to work with! As a Caterer, I really appreciated the attention to detail as well as the great communication. The entire Amanda Holder Events team is incredibly hard-working, professional, friendly, responsive, and accommodating (not just through the wedding weekend, but throughout the entire planning experience). We look forward to working together again soon."

auten boys catering

"Your crew was great, and your mom was a delight to work with. THANK YOU!!!”

freestyle event services

“Easy, smooth, professional and cheerful! Amanda Holder is extremely knowledgeable, professional & extremely cheerful and positive. Working with Amanda Holder Events is always a delight!”


just baked slo

"Ray of Sunshine! I wish that I was able to give Amanda & her team more stars! As a bakery we work with a lot of coordinators and when a couple mentions that Amanda is their coordinator I am always SUPER excited. This means a flawless, calm wedding and there is nothing better than that! Amanda is always going above and beyond for her clients and her vendors and I totally appreciate that. We always look forward to working with her."

cake cathedral

“Excellent Event Coordinator! I can't say enough great things about Amanda and her team! As a wedding vendor myself, I am always thrilled to work with Amanda knowing that everything will run like clockwork! She has just the right mix of great personality, organizational skills and attention to detail to ensure every event runs smoothly. Amanda Holder Events is one of the best decisions you could make for your wedding...or ANY event!!!”

harmony valley creamery

"Organized & Sweet Group of Leaders. I was a dessert vendor for a wedding last weekend where Amanda Holder Events was the planner. It was really great that they were so organized with layouts & all the details to make me feel ready to work. When I showed up, they welcomed me and seemed to handle all their transitions very well. It's great that they have a big team who are well-experienced in the industry. Thanks for a great night!"

the cakery

“Calm, cool & collected! Amanda Holder’s team is full of ninjas. They are always one step ahead of everyone else. But never obtrusive. They calmly float about checking every last detail is taken care of without a drop of sweat.”


copper & crystal

"Amanda is such a breath of fresh air! As soon as my team arrives, Amanda promptly provides us with everything we need to know and she continues to be a source of support throughout the night. Leading up to the event, Amanda provides very clear & concise information for every vendor allowing for no surprises upon arrival. She truly understands what it takes to run a successful event and gets ahead of any possible issue before they even have a chance to become problematic. I would happily work with her every weekend if I could!"

mixed events 805

"I had the absolute pleasure of working alongside these amazingly talented ladies recently. Their attention to detail was impressive (for lack of a better word). They were professional, timely and dedicated to the vision. I appreciate being a small part of such a stunning design. I HIGHLY recommend that you reach out to A.H.E. - you will be glad you did!"

sidecar cocktail co.

"Thank you for all that you and your team did last Saturday. We had a blast working alongside your team. It was truly a pleasure. We had a fantastic time & were very impressed with your team’s professionalism, organization, and overall fun and positive attitudes. We hope to be able to work with you again!"

daring to dream events

"Absolutely professional on all levels! As a local wedding vendor, it is always amazing working with people that know their stuff. Amanda and her team are always on top of all the details. Pro tip for future brides: Make sure you hire a wedding planner that knows how to put together the perfect wedding vendor team for your wedding. Thank you Amanda & team for being rock stars!!!”


"I wanted to start off by saying thank you to you and your staff. The event went off without a hitch. Everything was beautiful and executed flawlessly. Shea was great, as were the Sarahs and Alyssa. It was so nice to just show up and enjoy the party & not be a sweaty mess before people even showed up! Everyone had a blast and we've gotten nothing but compliments on what a great evening it was. Multiple people said that this was not what they were expecting for a work party, and many of the plus ones swooned over how much better this was than their company party. One group of young girls said they had planned to leave early & go downtown, but they had no intention of it once they saw the space. The good was a success..the "bad" news...I think we've set a new expectation. Looks like a holiday party is a new standard... :) Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. You & your staff made my job of executing this event seamless and so much less physical work than previous parties even 1/3 this size. I used to be exhausted by the time the first guest walked in the door!"


“My experience in working with Amanda was delightful. She really listens & pays attention to detail and is a meticulous planner. She is professional yet she treats her clients in such a friendly manner. Amanda is also imaginative and goes the extra mile to achieve a momentous experience. She also worked within the budget!”


“My first impression of Amanda was, “She’s really got it together.” I admire her integrity, courtesy, attention to detail, and willingness to do whatever it takes to make things happen – the right way. Amanda is a genuinely kind, friendly, positive professional who instills a sense of confidence and calm in her clients. When I know Amanda is involved with a project, I know even the smallest detail will not be overlooked & the overall results will be utmost satisfaction (and more), all around. I’ve worked with Amanda on several occasions planning corporate events & know from behind the scenes that this woman gives her clients her best, no holds barred.”


“Amanda is the best! Great vision and high energy. When she worked on an event I knew it would be of the highest quality.”



“Hey Sarah A. and Amanda Holder Events Team! I LOVED the dinner last night and it really is because you have such a handle on things that I'm actually able to relax. You are so good at this, and at times when I would freak out you made it seem like anything was fixable -- which is the kind of person I need around me all the time. I appreciate you and all of the work, management and creativity you are putting into these dinners! They are what they are, because of you!”


"People have been asking me how Tuesday went and I've been saying repeatedly that almost always, post-event is never a celebration for me. All I think about is what I could have done better, who I should have spoken to but didn't have a chance to, and all of the little details that should have, but weren't, tended to. And that was so not the case with the dinner. I loved every moment of it, had a chance to speak to everyone, and didn't spend the entire time preoccupied with the schedule and all of the little details, and that's all because of you. Having you on this was such a highlight of this experience for me. Not only were you so on top of it all, but you did it without any obvious stress and even better, you brought a light to the event that set the mood for us all. We are so lucky to have you a part of this dinner series, and as a partner to the magazine. I appreciate you - probably more than you realize. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


“If you’re considering Amanda to help execute a wedding or any event, stop considering, just hire her! Amanda’s expertise executing events is legendary at REC Solar (now SunRun) where she worked for me handling a continuous stream of varied events both very large and small. Few people deserve the title “expert” but Amanda most certainly does. From planning with great listening skills, to anticipating the labyrinth of choices, to estimating and tracking costs, all while having a great time doing it, it’s always a pleasure to watch this expert make it happen so you can actually fully enjoy the experience when the guests arrive.”


“Amanda has exceptional customer service. She is organized, communicates well and is highly motivated to ensure all aspects of the event get her attention to detail. I will continue to hire her for all our our corporate events year round.”

strauss wind project ribbon cutting

“I’d like to thank you for a very wonderfully executed event! Everyone was thrilled with the outcome, so thank you!”

the kinney slo

"Amanda, you rock girl! Thank you so much for everything, everyone is still raving about you and the event!"

aae solar

“I have worked with Amanda on multiple corporate events in the past and would highly recommend her to plan any event. Amanda is extremely organized & does not let a single detail go forgotten. She accomplishes all tasks with professionalism and a smile. You can trust Amanda to plan an amazing event and execute it perfectly as planned. Having worked with her to coordinate a 300+ attendee, 3-day conference across the country, I know she can handle anything!”

rec solar

“Amanda planned a major sales & marketing conference for my company in both 2012 and 2013. She did a fantastic job coordinating all major functions of the event planning. Moreover, the week was highlighted by a sensational beach party complete with tee-pees, fire pits, live music and drinks. Overall, Amanda is an excellent event planner & I know these skills will carry over to her Wedding Planning business. Be clear about what you are looking for and I am sure she will be able to make your dream wedding or event a reality.”

rec solar

“I have worked with Amanda for years in her job as a corporate event planner. She managed events for over 200 employees, delivering an amazing experience each & every time. She is professional, approachable, flexible, organized and always delivered an experience that exceeded our expectations- with a smile of course!”

rec solar

“Amanda was a joy to work with….her responsiveness and flexibility was very much appreciated and rare. The value of her quality of services is hard to beat. You will not be disappointed because Amanda will always take that extra step to make your event a memorable one.”

rec solar

“Amanda’s attention to detail, organizational skills and creative ideas lead to one of the best corporate events I have ever attended. I highly recommend Amanda for any event. Her confidence, experience & focus is exceptional. Her execution is flawless.”