George and Devon


George & Devon’s wedding was small, intimate, personal and emotional. The groom has been a long-time friend and his lovely bride has quickly become one of my best friends. So when they asked me to plan and coordinate their wedding, I was touched and honored to say the least. I couldn’t wait to jump in!

A couple of months into our planning, Devon was diagnosed with breast cancer. With a wedding to look forward to, and an amazing man by her side, she wasted no time in beginning treatment. She had surgery in early February, chemotherapy in the spring and summer, and radiation up until two weeks before the wedding. And I was there for her every step of the way…as a friend, and as a planner.

My favorite part about this wedding was the ceremony itself. I worked with the officiant, who was also a long-time friend of the groom, to craft a ceremony that truly celebrated the love they have for each other and the vows they were making, “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health,” and addressed the issue of cancer in the most appropriate way we knew how…scroll down and you’ll see what I mean.

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Special thanks to: Pat & Tony at The Casitas Estate, Nikki Caldwell at Fluidbloom Designs, Michael and Maren at Applemoon Photography, DJ Danny Steil at Cultivate EntertainmentShutterBooth, Jennie Sturgeon and Gayle Hascall at Trumpet Vine Catering, Whitnie Burke at Paper Cake Events, Steven Herring and Brooke Johnson at All About Events, and Cindy Leeming Womble


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